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Civil and Structural Engineer Services:


Arch@Ease working together with GdL Consulting offers the following Engineering services:

At GdL Consulting cc we integrate engineering principles and practical experience with our knowledge of the latest technology offerings to create unique technology solutions, we integrate these solutions by considering the implications of risk, the total cost of ownership time and production constraints, and sustainability to offer clients appropriate engineered options that will add value to there operation.

•   Engineering Services   Civil Engineering
         •   Reinforced concrete
         •   Foundations
         •   Piling and underpinning
         •   Retaining walls
         •   Suspended slabs
         •   Roofs
         •   Columns
         •   Beams
    •   Structural masonry design
    •   Timber design including lapa's

•   Structural Engineering
    •   Steel portal buildings
    •   Steel trusses
    •   Steel support work
    •   Multi-story steel buildings
    •   Roads
    •   Stormwater
    •   Sewerage

•   Engineering Management Services
    •   Feasibility studies
    •   Project management
    •   Construction management
    •   Infrastructure rehabilitation



GDL Consulting Engineering Services